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Captain Smart is a tribal Bigot_Kelvin Taylor


" I have seen a video of this man here, Captain Smart a supposed journalist like myself apologizing to John Mahama for peddling lies about he owning Properties in Dubai.

My difficulty is not what Captain Smart believes in, he has maintained he is an NPP person just like myself.

My difficulty is his hypocrisy and tribal bigotry.

Captain Smart is a tribal Bigot who was recruited by Kwesi Twum at the time for a specific purpose which was to make sure they throw dirt on “Tani” Mahama so Akan Ni Akufo Addo can have a chance to also become President 

When he was eventually well used for the task he was brought in for, he was discarded and was picked by Kwaku Oteng for the same task as he was deployed for when he was with Adom Fm.

A close look at what this man has done over the years only points out to how a deceitful opportunist he is.

Using the range of the media house he works with and exploiting the ignorance of many Ghanaians in the hinterlands, his main duty is always to misinform and pass bad judgment about persons not from his Akan Tribe.

Watch his outburst about Akans and those about none Akans and you will know how a diabolic a person Captain Smart is.

If Captain Smart is indeed a smart person, he would have known what he claims to know now about Mahama a long time ago.

The question reasonable Ghanaians need to ask is that at what point did Captain Smart try opening a bank account in Dubai just to be able to track of indeed Mahama had a bank account there?

Why did he hold onto his finding of Mahama not being corrupt as his Akan Fm made him to propagate that he was and why is he coming out with it now ?

He knew these truth years back, even in the face of that he still used his platform on Angel Fm to campaign for Akufo Addo and even trolled NDC after the 2020 election.

I have seen a video of his election commentary on Angel Fm with him trivializing persons who were shot by NPP thugs in security uniforms.

To him, even in the heat of things where person including minors were being killed, the election was free and fair to him because Akufo Addo won.

It is less than a year since the last election was held.

The question then is, what is happening in Akufo Addo’s Government now which was never happening a year ago before the election?

If Captain Smart who with all due respect is not as smart as his name denote cares about Ghana’s progress why would he campaign for Akufo Addo when he knew he has failed from the onset ?

Part of his fake apology video had him saying he will never vote for the NDC 

What that meant was that even as he admits Akufo Addo has failed whoever the NPP present, he will foolishly vote for the person because he is an NPP person.

The trick of this guy is simple, discredit Akufo Addo and link that to Bawumia so Alan Cash can have that space to eventually become leader of the NPP.

It has been the same formation they stick to all these years.

He has demonstrated he is not a Smart person, he believes anything his masters will ask him to speak about.

He is not truthful and above all an opportunist who is always on the look to switch camps.

If he believes in the God he claim he believes in, then may that God brings judgment on him for knowing the truth all these years and selling lies to the vulnerable ".

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