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At the beginning of last year, the NPP coined a slogan to motivate their people for action in 2024. "Break the 8" is the slogan. 

Unfortunately, the slogan died at birth because nature directed the venom in it against the NPP and NDC took advantage of it. A liter of fuel and the dollar were racing against each other to break the 8 ahead of time

The cost of fuel per liter has already crossed  8 cedis and the dollar is following at its heels. 

Dr. Bawumia chastised former President Mahama and called him incompetent because the cedi fell against the dollar and the prices of fuel were increasing. John Mahama's only response was that Dr. Bawumia was throwing those salvos at him because he (Bawumia) was inexperienced.  Time has proven John Mahama right. 

Sometimes when even professional footballers are on the field, it is easier for the spectators to use their mouths to play better than them. 

Everybody becomes a coach and wants to determine how the players should handle the ball. When they are given the chance...

This is akin to governance. It is easier to say that those in charge are incompetent and if given the opportunity, you will change the fortunes of the nation.

Fortunately, the boot is on the other foot. Vice President Bawumia is the captain of the Economic Management Team (EMT) now. He had run the economy with his mouth and it is now time to walk the talk. 

Unfortunately, ever since he entered the field, it looks like his feet are yet to touch a ball, let alone try a shot at the goal poles!!! 

His long notes from his lectures have become worthless. The recommendations he made to Mahama's administration to salvage the cedi have not been useful to him in government. 

Mahama's God is not asleep!

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