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Why is Russia not wining in Ukraine?

     The Russian military is far superior to Ukraine, yet their troops have been bogged down at the gate of Kyiv. How did Ukraine slow down the Russian juggernaut?.

 Friday last week, the Russians were here. Two days later, they're still stuck there at the gates, but not inside. 

On paper, the Russian army is far superior also just more tactical on their sides. But wars are not fought on paper in 2022. Therefore, on two fronts on the battlefield, and on social media, Russia is not winning either. We can think of five reasons why number one Russia strategy. 

Vladimir Putin had two options to wage war, a scorched earth assault or a swift and cheap invasion. He opted for the latter but didn't believe he could drive into Kyiv and topples electricity. But he forgot rule number one of Modern Warfare established air supremacy, Russia control Ukrainian essays the result? Multiple Russian planes but down to all over Ukraine. Reason number two, Putin underestimated Ukrainian resistance he thought Russia would be welcomed as liberators, but that did not happen. 

The Ukrainian public is putting up and it's furnished to defense. They're lining up to donate blocked the signing up to join the nation has mobilized in Ukraine and the verdict is clear. 

Number three, the professionalism of the army, they did not react with panic. They planted defense perfectly. 

Probably did not expect it. 

Russia trade war machine armed to the teeth by Western powers. 

The numbers in 2019 the US military $27 million to carry in 2020 412 2021 650 million. This aid includes cutting-edge weaponry, anti-aircraft missiles, anti tank artillery. Russia clearly knew all of this yet they fail to prepare Reason number four. 

The domestic opinion in Russia. Historians often talk about good wars. Now technically no war is good. But some wars do have incredible public support. 

For example, the Second World War or the first Gulf War 1991 Then you have bad wars these are supported by governments, not so much by the public. The best example would be the Vietnam War. For Putin. Ukraine is a bad word. And these pictures should tell you why 1000s of Russian citizens are protesting on the streets. Around 4000 of them have been arrested so far. You say this is Vladimir Putin's war. It is not Russia's war that limits Putin's ability to escalate. Reason number five the logistical failures. 

This next week to should give you a better idea take a look.  


that's real stuff Russian time is stuck on the road without fuel. And this is not an isolated incident crushing machinery and logistics have failed. In Ukraine. Take the femicides, for instance, the USS Russia has 320 missiles until now 320. Most of them are srpm for short range ballistic besides some of the launches failed, some of the strikes were off target despite Five Days of War, Russia still does not have air superiority. 

Does this mean the Russian army is a paper tiger? If so, it should worry India, more than 50% of India's military assets are of Russian or Soviet origin. So New Delhi will be watching this offensive very closely how effective are Russian weapons? How accurate are they besides? And it's not happening for the first time do remember the controversy around the MiG 21 jets? Over the years India bought 872 of them out of these 400 were lost in accidents. Many call it the flying coffin. So this war is a wake up call not just for India. But for all countries using Russian hardware you need to diversify you need to develop your own weapons in the US working towards that. Now those are the technical reasons why Russia is stuck bad planning fierce resistance and lack of domestic support. But Russia is not just failing on the battlefield it is also failing the narrative war. Look at any social media platform today Facebook, Twitter Instagram, you will see Ukraine dominating the timeline stories of resistance by the public. Humiliating means against Russia jokes of Vladimir Putin clearly Russia's propaganda machine has failed.  

At what reason is the Western support most social media platforms are owned by America. They have systematically removed Russian propaganda at the same time, Ukraine as a rally hashtag. Mostly thanks to this map below the New Zealand he wasn't a television star for no reasons the lens to hit the streets of Kiev. He died with a soldier as he became the marketing tool for Ukrainian resistance. And needless to say, the people loved him. On the other hand, Putin has become public enemy number one his economy is bleeding money, the Russian ruble collapsed more than 40% the central bank has high interest rates at 20%. The results have been frozen by the United States. The Moscow Stock Exchange did not even bother opening two and put together Russian oligarchs have lost 120 $6 billion dollars. Each day Putin spends on the battlefield is a loss. Does that mean the Western one it may seem like that but consider this and aggressive Putin is dangerous. cornered Putin is even more dangerous. On Sunday he ordered Russia used to be on high alert. And I'm not saying that Putin will launch a nuclear attack. I'm saying he is willing to leverage the nuclear threat and that should worry. 

We still haven't seen the truth. Who might have the Russian army if Bolton feels he is losing. That may change. 

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