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Food stuff prices may go down soon-Esoko


 Item investigator, Esoko Ghana, anticipates that prices of foodstuff should decrease in Ghana soon. 

Some Ghanaians have been grumbling about the upsurge in the costs of food items the nation over. 

Content Manager of Esoko Ghana, Francis Danso-Adjei, in a Citi News meet said "These climbs happen at specific times of the year, thus we are expecting that costs will start to decrease in the following, not many weeks, as we will before long be in the collect season." 

While sitting tight for the collect season with the expectation that the cost of food might go down, Mr. Danso-Adjei said meanwhile, "Ghanaians would need to pay more for things that they normally paid less [for]." 

Mr. Danso-Adjei ascribed the climb in food costs to an increment in fuel value, which he said influenced the expense of moving homestead produce, just as the low precipitation recorded in pieces of the country this year. 

Partners inside Ghana's food creation esteem chain are cautioning of an approaching food lack in case gauges are not promptly taken to determine the inaccessibility of compost in the country before the year's over. 

They say Ghana faces a potential food emergency by 2022 if the difficulties they face concerning the shortage of agrarian materials persevere. 

"The circumstance is having a cost for us as far as food supply. The normal food yield has additionally been influenced as it were. There are a ton of issues hitting us on the ground." 

"We have an approaching risk, and we are moving towards it gradually. By 2022, the food emergency will be an issue. I unquestionably anticipate it genuinely, because the variables on the ground highlight that. The issue of compost is basic," Seidu Mubarak, Executive Council individual from the National Seed Trading Association of Ghana, said on the Citi Breakfast Show last Frida

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