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All you need to know about Akatsi south MCE Nominee

 Martin Kofitsey Nyahe, the MCE nominee completed st. Paul's senior high school, also known as Spaco in Denu-tokor in the volta region of ghana. with an A-level certificate. and serve as an assistant school prefect. He serves as an assembly member for the Dzogadzi electoral area from 2010-2014. He also serves as the NPP  constituency chairman for the Akatsi south municipality from 2013 to 2017. Under the Kuffour regime, he was the assistant employment coordinator for the employment agencies from 2007. He also contested for the parliamentary seat at the primary level on the ticket of the NPP 2020 and eventually lost to the current outgoing  MCE. He also serves as the board member for the immediate outgone volta regional lands commission. He got married to a beautiful wife and he was blessed with seven children.

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