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E-levy from powerless, uncouth individuals - Afia Schwarzenegger conceals NPP gov't



    Afia Schwarzenegger has attacked the communication team of the present government for delivering substandard services to their employers. Accordingly, she described them as weak and incompetent following the E-levy brouhaha.

A video of Afia Schwarzenegger on Tiktok blasting the government’s communication team for the public’s outrage at E-levy has raised some eyebrows. Recently, the Chief of Staff was dragged for a donation of GH¢50,000 to her father’s funeral to the party foot soldiers’ rage.

She said, “Welcome to Ghana where the government communication is weak, and they will not employ competent people to do proper communication. If not, you do know that we are already paying E-levy. Or you don’t know?
Because when you make a transfer right now that I’m talking to you when you make a mobile money transfer, you pay about GH¢1.00 or so. So we are already paying the E-levy. So the government is just going to increase it.”

Afia Schwarzenegger went on to offer solutions to the current E-levy predicament. She pointed out that the government should have hidden behind telecommunication companies to do their evil bidding. And that way, they would still retain favor with the people.

“What the government should have done is to keep quiet and hid behind the Telco’s and make them increase it to GH¢3.00. Then the government would turn around and order the telco to reduce it to GH¢2.00. So that the government will look like heroes to Ghanaians. But as I’m saying, the government communication is weak, and they will not employ competent people. Because for E-levy, everyone using mobile money is already paying. What they will do is to increase the tariff.

“So you people should stop saying you won’t pay the E-levy. Instead, say you won’t agree for the government to increase the charges,” Afia Schwarzenegger concluded. source

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