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Akatsi youth besieged the Akatsi police station

 Akatsi youth besieged the Akatsi police station this morning over the death of a young guy.

The deceased is believed to have died from a police brutality throughout an arrest some  days ago. (The kids alleged that the deceased became among two others on a bike who were chased and hit through a police vehicle).

He died this morning at the Ridge sanatorium in Accra.

The young people returned domestic went on rampage this morning while the information of his death broke.

They pelted the police and damaged some cars. 

The police spoke back with gun shoots.

some other sixteen-year old young man, Hamza changed into hit via a bullet and died little while after.

Few others have sustained gun shoot wounds.

frame of the deceased currently at the Ho teaching health center. 

there is an uneasy calm round city.

but police have beefed up protection with greater guys from the FPU arriving in town.

it is proper to note that there might be some other reprisal assault from the teens.

This incident is going on simplest few days after the burial ofup

 young guy, Etornam who died last yr while in police custody, throwing the teenagers on rampage.

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