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From riches to rag.The story of a former Ghanaian BBC Journalist Paa Joe Odonkor


I was at the top before coming down, but then I just want to tell my listeners that the devil doesn't give anything for free. I went to good schools, Datus preparatory , from there. I went to  Achimota school, from Achimota college. I went to the institute of journalism. But then journalism was not really paying Yeah, I was working with a BBC. It was not like it was a satisfactory job. But then

  my lifestyle was so big, I wanted to be depress. So I started dealing drugs. The first one that I do was in DRM. And that one was for somebody. And I was in Korea, I made $4,000. And then my second trip, I made $1,000. And I said, Look, come on, let me do it on my own. And when about four trips, and when I realized that we drift away, I made a trip to Italy. I made a trip to Switzerland. I made a trip to the United States. And then after that, I started with cocaine. And with a cookie, I was a big boy. 1980 to December I was controlling $100,000 dollars. We will deal with this now. Opposite Bastow. And I had a lot of hunger. So I don't take a taxi because I'm taking a   car every two months from Jaguar HDS. One, I brought Lincoln Continental. I brought the only guy I've ever brought down here was Bentley, and then a Rolls Royce. Then I was busted   98 Before much. And it was one of the biggest catch have to get from the continent of Africa. That is 142 tones. Yes, I was busted. And then I made a little

 bit of time, because my passport shows that I was younger. And then if you see me with my gray, are you at 75 or 80? Yes, because I left and then came back. I lost all my friends as well that women when you forget a lot, a lot of dollars they call your money by when you get broke and develop in your pocket and they can save conveniently on available. They vanish with their friends and there's no money. out of frustration. I myself, I started to use that drug. Believe me. Don't ever go there. Don't let anybody deceive you. heroin and cocaine. Because we could get when you have 100 million now, within the next four hours is God you're going to get approved. You get finished. Yes. And with that hairline, once you start taking it once you start to get it within one month, you get what they call good tech. Without it you can't survive your social life, your fiscal life, you can be in for a long time. I didn't travel I don't go to maybe mercy and the contact the I don't have some of the stuff boys runs out. I will have the code. And what is your Summa grams Roma's type what is the only thing that follows you to your dream, it'd be your dream.

Your dream me to follow you and they will give you stop. Because it's not a real thing. You wake up and

you will sell your car worth about $200,000 for $5,000 and you are happy that you've got enough money to sustain and support that. So I am begging my listeners that don't ever do that mistake that I have seen women. When we talk about women as women, I can describe to us the brilliance of the woman in the last few years and disabled lives. I have been the best roommate. I've taken women to Switzerland. I don't want to mention names and I have slept at Grand origin which had been 1000 by $100 a day taking women to Venice Venice is a city on the water where you just go with their gut Gundula Yes, with light reflected on the river is what I call a Calgary stop you know paradise on earth yes all because I want to read them, women, by the end of the day yes they are there for you they call you names body, yes but then the day when you develop you call you back because the magic is gone they were there just because of your pocket, yes and so I would you know to make no mistake I did do the business that I moved they look now at me from my step 177 Roll they are in England they make their best suit not the kind of people where like capita showed them this astute may buy Italian dealers when they saw the budget when assumed yes and this when you put up I'm talking about yet guardian. Yes, we have Diana where people go and bring that kind of stock. I wear rulers they did to magic Yes, I'm working on my girlfriend at garage project with green emeralds green emerald is the highest form of diamonds. Yes. But today when I see those women they tell me a lie you give me

a place where you are you are taking them have never flown on Zoom. Which do I go with? I go with Barnum and always business class Yes. Apply from

London to New York with Concord and pay $4,700 To go from London to New York for that no matter where you go by all the words that we post will take you over six hours but then it will take you three and a half hours, yes but then at the end of the day you become so you want to kill yourself or try killing myself two times. It didn't work yes I took a guy to never work and then the second time I took 10 milligrams I took about that day I woke up earlier than I normally get out of bed stopped by and the other time I saw people go to church they have what it takes that I did because I thought I was too smart. One time I told that guy you are video for the rest of your life you don't forgive me when I see this guy today. Essentially it gave me the chance so I'm certainly a marginally better person than when

I went where somebody might get a when I walked into the church was the pastor say the head pastor who has given himself title international or some kind of source you can win and I get I walked out of the judge. Yes but then once you make a bridge when you get into your sister's per loop like about 75 people despising you that is no good to them. And then at the end of the day when you are getting

as close, as I say that has funded for the majority of our state challenges are successful and also set out. Almost without exception. People will pretend like they love you by articulating their minds

they want more And when they jump in and the magic is gone.

And they say about you take your life, but then as we get worse a while, but then I really want this free advice to you is not enough. Because the worst thing that can happen to you is when you go to drugs, you feel so bad. Yes. Yes, you are. And people will people despise you, your family will get you late, then somebody goes to your sister to buy things for a job.

So now your brother man basically come to think of it to sound like a madman. And this is what drives which was not easy. And people will see you that once he always was a drug addict, always a drug? Yes. So I will appeal that when people are able to get them to sign do not declare them because where do you stand? At IT people say well, the world is neglected maybe judges the graduate? Yes, I'm not calling for seat but but it makes you go back and do the things you were doing. You say that oh is or not? I don't care. So my relative, somebody will go and musante from your car. Somebody will break into your car to steal your laptop and money. Because they are so they have code that you are desperate and you will do anything to support the habit. You don't mind stealing when they can't do the gadget.

 Yes, that is why the advanced countries like Scandinavia, when you are a drug addict. You weren't registered and they give you heroin methadone when you take it you get no man not yet. But yeah, we don't have that facilities. They take you to Mehta hospital. They give you like, yes and when they give you instead of methadone, because Steve and you become counselors. Before you realize when you get from bad to worse, yes, I really don't want to do but then if you have somebody a relative to drugs or you intend to go to a drug, my friend best thing in the world. I can't wait for it because I've been 26 years

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