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What you should know when buying a UK used iPhone In Nigeria


If you are an iPhone enthusiast, this will help you know the details you should pay attention to  when buying a used iPhone. 

 Today, the iPhone is the  phone of choice among other products. The typical Nigerian idea of ​​getting an iPhone is to buy a used phone from the UK. Before you buy the  

  iPhone, it's a good idea to get it  within your budget. 

 Used UK phones are the most common on the Nigerian market. Most Ghanaians choose a second-hand iPhone because a new iPhone is more expensive than a second-hand iPhone in the UK. When asked about UK used products, it is clear that they were used in the UK before they were shipped to Nigeria. Although there are many fake phones on the market. For these reasons, we are here to share tips to avoid being sacrificed for the purchase of  fake 

 products. If you don't make this decision first, your choice can be difficult, especially when it comes to the telephone business. After deciding what kind of iPhone you need, keep the following in mind ... 

 1) Check the phone body to see if it still looks new 

 iPhones used in the UK , Usually as good as new. brand new. Don't ignore this as phones are cheap. Do not buy a phone that is scratched or 

 looks overused. Your phone will always cover you when you go out. Also, make sure the phone screen is not damaged. 

 2) Make sure your iPhone is not duplicated. 

 There are many fake iPhone products  on the market today. You need to plan carefully to get it. Another question is, how do you know a fake phone?. Study the features whatever 

 you decide to buy. This will help you identify the type you need to buy. 

 3) Check icloud on your iPhone to see if it's locked. 

 Some of these devices can be stolen, so 

 you need to check iCloud. Apple's built-in page contains all the information about the phone. All iPhone devices have an IMEI number that you can use to  determine if it's locked. You can  use  this website to check if your device is locked. You can also see the ESN or MEID number from the same website 

. This can also be detected using the Apple Activation LockStatus Tool. 

 4) Check your phone camera 

  iPhone camera is one of the most important features  you need to check before you buy your iPhone. The camera is very nice, it has good photo and video quality. You need to make sure that the camera is working properly. The image quality of used iPhones and  new iPhones is the same. 

5) Check   iPhone Carriers 

 The truth is that not all iPhones can broadcast all networks, and some of these devices are limited to some  carriers.  iPhone works on certain networks only  when  locked. 

 6) Walkthrough 3D and Touch ID features 

 iPhone's 3D features are different from  ID features. This feature makes your iPhone easier to operate and allows you to use either  soft or hard features while you operate. It's also important to know how to operate an iPhone with both features. 

 Try all the features of the phone before paying. You need to check the life of the phone battery, headphones and charging port, wifi connection, Bluetooth, GPS, and all  phone buttons. You  also need to check the quality of your speakers. To check the quality of your speakers, try calling by phone. By doing this, you can know the sound quality. Keep all this in the list and you won't be the victim of a stolen phone.

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