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You can leave GES If You Wish — GNAT President Tells Teachers

 According to the President of the Ghana Association of Graduate Teachers, whoever desires to end Ghana Education Service is at the freedom to do so.

This is consistent with the request through the Seychelles authorities to recruit extra instructors from Ghana. Angel Carbon on Citi News mentioned the seasoned and cons of the call for instructors from the Seychelles authorities. “It is an aspect of call for and supply, and wherein the instructor receives success through manner of enumeration, higher operating conditions, and what complements his/her health in life. We have a whole lot of professors and docs operating everywhere in the world. If any us of wishes the offerings of a Ghanaian instructor and the instructor does his evaluation and feels he/she might be nice outdoor us of a, not anything stop him/her from resigning from the Ghana Education Service and becoming a member of anywhere that wishes their offerings.” “I don`t suppose it's miles something out of place, it does happen. So some distance as your residents are protected, you could then as a central authority have interaction in a reputable arrangement. Nonetheless, we have to now no longer come to an end that we have a glut of instructors on this us of a, it might be an incorrect end due to the fact.

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