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How Nutrients Support Immune System Health:

 Sue had a habit of stopping by a donut shop every morning on the way to work. When she decided to start eating healthier, it wasn't easy to switch from "bad" habit (daily donuts) to "good" (healthy eating). But she realized it can be done. If you're like Sue and are ready to change an unproductive habit, try these suggestions.

Change the Program — Patiently
Reprogramming yourself requires patience. After all, it took a while to develop certain habits; it will take some time to change them. Expect it to take about six weeks to truly adopt a new habit.
Consider the Consequences of "Bad" and "Good" Habits
For instance, Sue began to think of the empty calories and potential weight gain associated with her daily donut habit. Then she thought about how a healthier breakfast would help her feel more energetic, fit, and slim.
Choose a New Habit
Just deciding not to go to the donut shop, as Sue did, is a great first step. But replacing the old habit with a new one is even better. Sue decided to replace donuts with convenient options such as a nutritious shake and fruit.
Be Prepared
Until your new actions become automatic, good planning helps you stay on track. In Sue's case, she stocked up on fruit and shakes so she wouldn't be caught empty-handed, giving her an excuse to hit the donuts.
With a willingness to change, plus patience and preparation, you too can replace any unproductive habit with a "good" one that leaves you healthier and happier!

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