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John Mahama hammers EC for not tolerating NDC's constituent change recommendations


 Previous President John Dramani Mahama has communicated his failure with the Electoral Commission for declining to acknowledge the post-2020 appointive change proposition presented by the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

The authority of the NDC last week delivered a rundown of proposition it accepts would assist with reinforcing the country's discretionary framework. 

Prior news reports recommended that the Electoral Commission would not acknowledge the proposition and rather guided the party to introduce the archive before the Interparty Advisory Committee (IPAC) for discourse. 

Talking in a meeting on URA Radio in Bolgatanga on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Mr. Mahama censured the commission for making a such move. 

The Electoral Commission, he noted, houses the IPAC and can get the recommendations and present them at the following IPAC meeting for consideration.Mr. Mahama asked the EC to act and be viewed as an impartial referee, uniting the ideological groups and working in agreement. 

The previous president began a cross country visit to express gratitude toward Ghanaians for their help and deciding in favor of him and the NDC Parliamentary Candidates during the 2020 general decisions. 

Reacting to an inquiry concerning the NDC's dismissal of the 2020 official political decision results, President Mahama said the inescapable inconsistencies recorded during the political decision represents the far and wide addressing of the authenticity of the outcomes by Ghanaians.He referenced demonstrations, for example, "citizen concealment strategies, the killing of 8 guiltless Ghanaians by security faculty and the threatening posing of the EC as variables that cast a foreboding shadow over the 2020 races". 

The races, he kept up with, were "not free and fair"."When you have these bizarre happenings and things like that occur, it doesn't give a lot of trust in the Electoral Commission that should be a nonpartisan authority in our appointive cycle. The acting of the Electoral Commission previously, during and after our decisions has recently showed a specific aggression toward our party." 

As per Mahama, "when you have a political decision that everybody acknowledges and is content with the outcomes, it gives a specific authenticity to even the individual who administers".

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