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The decline of Mark Zuckerberg

 Mark  Zuckerberg . You all know him. Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook and its parent company Mehta. He was one of the world's richest third richest man. He has now slipped to the 12th position from the third to the 12. Zuckerberg was once the face of social media revolution today he has become the face of big tech still. You could say Zack has run out of luck. This is a story about Zuckerberg's rise and decline. In July 2021, Mark Zuckerberg was touted to become the world's richest man. He was sitting on 140 $2 billion just third in the line to the top.

 But the fortune real turned against Zuckerberg he lost 50% of his wealth in less than nine months 50% Was it because of something he did? wasn't because of Facebook's policy, or a combination of both. In 2010, a blockbuster biopic made Mark Zuckerberg a sensation. He was an outlier Harvard dropout it stole intellectual property and compensated for it by giving the world Facebook a medium that connected people from across the world that helped people reconnect with childhood friends. Help them find love, find opportunities, a medium that even helps small businesses. Facebook was an instant hit and Zuckerberg became an icon instantly. The youth that moved to Facebook from our good and high five began idolizing Zuckerberg aspiring entrepreneurs began aping him. They're wearing the same colored t-shirt every day to save time, just like Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was a walking talking self-help book. He personified success. He was young he married a college sweetheart. Together, Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Where America's most generous donors. She was a pediatrician, and Zuckerberg the face of social media revenues until he became the face of big tech tyranny.

"But it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well. And that goes for fake news, foreign interference, and elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy. We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. And that was a big mistake. And it was my mistake. And I'm sorry. I started Facebook. I run it and I'm responsible for what happens here."

Over the years, Facebook developed a dark side and began sharing user data illegally fighting with countries over user privacy began killing competition acquiring popular apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. At one point Facebook was live streaming terror, silencing free speech, and peddling hate for profit. So stakeholders began unfriending Facebook. They are 2020 was the first time Facebook saw an exodus of major advertisers and more than 500 companies boycotted the platform. They demanded that Facebook do more to address racism and hate speech. As we speak, Facebook's ad income has plunged once again. There's a war in Ukraine, there is global inflation and companies are not willing to splurge on online ads. Facebook, which relies on 97% of its revenue is taking the hit a result of this Zuckerberg the counts are pleading. 

What ads are just one part of the story Mark Zuckerberg was around 16% of meta shares? His image and fortune are dependent on Facebook. The social media platform made him a household name. Facebook's popularity built Zuckerberg's fortune it paid for a $7 million California estate, his 100 million dollar Hawaii property, one $50 million luxury yacht, swanky private jet rights and his collection of custom-made Brunello Cuccinelli gray shirts, each costing about $400. In December 2021 METAR reported a decline in profit. Its forecast for the first quarter of 2022 was lower than expected, and shareholders began panic selling. Facebook lost 300 billion investor dollars in investor wealth in a day, and this was on the third day of February of 2022.

 By then Facebook had already lost users the platform close in 2021 With less than 2 billion active users as against 1.9 3 billion earlier for a business that uses users as products, even one less login, reflects strongly on the logbook. Today, a lot of these users have begun spending more time on other apps like Instagram, but in this in-house migration, it does not matter . What takes it off is tick-tock the apps use Talk register it's brilliant user in 2021 to four years after its global launch, it had taken Facebook and Instagram double the time WhatsApp had taken seven years to learn it's brilliant user Facebook is seeing its biggest decline among users aged 18 to 25. 

The same age group had flocked to Facebook in the early 2000s. Youngsters had taught their parents and grandparents how to create Facebook accounts and profiles how to add friends, but today's youth find Facebook boring. They move to quote-unquote, cooler apps. If you look closely. This story the story of Zuckerberg's rise and decline has come full circle. It's like one of those social media trends one day everybody's talking about it. A few days later, everyone's moved on to the next trend. Facebook's popularity, of course, lasts more than a few days lasted. It lasted over a decade, the platform was opened to everyone in the year 2006. Four years later, the blockbuster biopic on Zuckerberg was released ever since the story has been dictated by the ups and downs of Facebook. Currently, Facebook's market cap is under 475 billion. And Zuckerberg swell is down to $76 billion. He has lost nearly $50 billion in the first four months of this year. No other billionaire in the top 20 list has come even close to suffering such a fall. You can blame this.

 On the fall of Facebook's profits, its policies Zuckerberg leadership, he rebranded Facebook when the world clearly needed a change that went beyond the name. People wanted a change in the privacy policy. They need to trust credibility, honesty, transparency, if Facebook failed to deliver as Facebook fell from grace, so did its face. Mark Zuckerberg, we are now available in your country. Download the app now and get all the new

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